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’Tis the season

December 1, 2019

Ah…. It is Christmas time. Have you ever noticed how much stress can come with being around family? Here is a quiz to get us all thinking of ways to have a Merrier Christmas. More than one answer can be a good choice.

1. The family is gathering for dinner on Christmas. I contribute because I…
   a. Grace everyone with my presence. That should be all that they ask of me.
   b. Call the hosts and ask what items I can bring.
   c. Arrive late, grab a drink, sit down and wait for dinner to be served.
   d. After dinner is finished, I will nudge the hosts out of the kitchen and help my brothers do the dishes.

2. For years, the family has exchanged gifts. Some have been complaining that it is getting too expensive because the family has grown.
   a. Insist that we aren’t changing things, no matter what. Afterall, it is a tradition.
   b. Too bad for them. They are just being cheapskates.
   c. Be open to change. It is about getting together and sharing our family’s love. It isn’t about the loot.
   d. I will think about what it is costing Mom and Dad and privately ask how they feel about it going forward. Let them off the hook if gift-giving is biting into their retirement savings.
   e. Suggest drawing names and buying a modestly priced gift. It is about the giving, not the getting.

3. Grandma mailed me $100 in a Christmas card. I can’t wait to
   a. Call her and say thank you!
   b. Run to the mall and get that video game that I have wanted so much.
   c. Call her and say thanks and then still send her a note letting her know how much I appreciate her and what I did with the money.
   d. Buy lots of candy for my sweet tooth.

4. After dinner, it is time to relax and talk together. I will
   a. Decide that this is the golden opportunity to discuss my favorite politician and try to convince everyone of how right I am.
   b. Remember that it’s one day a year… I can do this!
   c. Stay off ‘hot-button’ subjects such as religion, politics, vaccines, etc.
   d. Remember Mom’s rule: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
   e. Choose that I am going to get along with everybody, no matter what.

5. Keith suggests that we sing Christmas carols around the tree. I will
   a. Groan loudly and insist that I am not singing any stupid songs.
   b. Get into the spirit and go along with it, even if it isn’t my thing.
   c. Pout visibly.
   d. Even if I can’t sing, I will lip-sync.
   e. Play along; it makes Keith happy.

The holidays aren’t just about us having a great day. It is about making sure those around us have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas.

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