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Signs you are no longer in charge of your house

January 5, 2020

Do you own your house, or does your house own you?

Here are signs that you’re no longer in charge of your house:

For starters, does the very thought of the unending chore list make you exhausted? Do you look around at all the things you have gathered and feel a crushing weight in your heart?

Thirty years ago, the house may have been filled with family, with projects, and with activities of all sorts. Do you often think about the things you used to do, but now you don’t have the interest or ability to deal with it? 

Slowly, steadily, has it gotten harder to keep the house up?

When you moved into the house (30, 40 or even 50) years ago, you were strong and energized. So was your sweetheart.

Together, you worked hard to make your home and yard beautiful, and you watched the kids grow.

Now, you find yourself thinking “I used to…”

… do the gardening.” What fun it was to plant flowers and trees and watch them grow. The yard was well-used by your children. Now, the yard is getting overrun. You still enjoy some gardening, but not so much.

... do spring cleaning.” You would give the house the once over from top to bottom; washing windows and walls, sweeping down spiderwebs, vacuuming everywhere; making everything spic and span. Now, it takes all your energy for the day to just vacuum the living room and bedroom.

… enjoy cooking.” But now it is meals for one, you figure, “Why bother?” So, you just make a peanut butter sandwich.

… drive with confidence.” Now, you’ve stopped driving (or should).

… oversee the family finances like a well-run business.” You managed the family budget on a shoestring and yet put money in savings and still spoiled your spouse with some small goodies. Today, the pile of bills just grows. It is overwhelming.

Instead of “l used to”, it is time to start thinking “I’d like to”. I’d like to have more freedom from home maintenance, I’d like to have friends to do things with, I’d like to have more time to do the things I want.

What are you going to do about it? You can choose to continue existing in your house, or you can take control of your future. Go check out some of the local residential communities. Just go take a look. Some will make you say, “no way”. Keep looking. Some will warm your soul. You might be amazed at how nice the apartments are and how engaging their activities are. There are nice people just waiting to welcome you home. Now, it is time for you to relax. Let others do the work.

As Bobby Rydell sang in one of my favorite movies, Bye, Bye Birdie:
“Life’s a ball, if only you know it!
And it’s all just waiting for you!
You’re alive, so go on and show it!
There’s such a lot of livin’ to do!



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