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Don’t second-guess decisions made with best of intentions

May 6, 2018

Did you ever read something that really hit home with you? This week, I did.

Here it is: “I am not a second-guesser. I believe you make decisions with the best of intentions, with the best information you can find, with the best awareness of your circumstances, and you live with the...

Readers share ideas on overcoming loneliness

April 1, 2018

The last few columns, we have been chatting about loneliness. Britain has assigned a Minister of Loneliness, so I asked how we might help our seniors who are becoming more lonely and isolated. Last month, readers sent in suggestions of what they do to keep involved in...

Readers seek ways to overcome loneliness

March 4, 2018

Last time, I shared with you that Britain is creating a Minister of Loneliness and that my first thought had been, “Wow! How do we get one?” So many people in our community are achingly lonely.

Readers were...

Readers invited to share ideas on loneliness

February 4, 2018

The headline in the Post Crescent caught my eye: “Britain gets first-ever Minister for Loneliness”.

My immediate thought was “Wow! How do we get one?”

This is not just a British problem. It sounds like something we could use help with, right here in the...

Bit by bit, Alzheimer’s stole from us

January 7, 2018

A thief came and stole from us. This is one thief that you can’t arrest. His name is Alzheimer’s.

It started about five years ago. At first, it was little things. Sometimes, Dad would be missing a piece of memory. “Alz” would take odds and ends. Just enough to...

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