Transitions: Stories of how to help Mom and Dad with their stuff

Passages from the book

The Dreaded Dumpster!

Parents often proudly tell me that they don’t need to start clearing out their very full house: “The kids can take care of it when we are gone”, they say, like it’s a gift.

Well, it happened again this week; I heard another “dumpster” story. It is a story I hear often. It doesn’t’ end well.

How do the kids handle it when cleaning out the house is left to them, and they don’t live in town?

If you have time for WORDS with Friends, you have time for words with Grandma

When 30 year-old Sam stopped in to see his grandma, she told him how much she missed her (adult) grandchildren, and that she never hears from them. She got really choked up, telling him how they are all so busy, and don’t have time for her…

What was his solution?

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