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Does your closet overwhelm you?

November 7, 2021

Brrr…. It’s getting cold outside! Are you ready to switch out your seasonal clothes? Let’s take this opportunity to really attack that closet that you find so overwhelming.

The reality is that we all have favorite clothes that we wear over and over. We spend 80% of our time in the same 20% of our clothes. True? Yes.

Our first step is to find those clothes that we wear all the time – that 20%. Grab a hangar and tie a bright scarf around its neck. This is your placeholder. Put it on the right side of the closet bar. Then, find anything that you wore in the past year and move it to the open side of the placeholder. Note that I didn’t say ‘things you like’, or that ‘are pretty’, or that ‘were on sale’, or that ‘you paid a lot for’, nope, I just said that ‘you have worn’. When you are done, you have truly defined your wardrobe. These are the ‘keep’ clothes that you actually wear.

I’ll bet you still have 80% of that closet filled with clothes. Now is the time to dig in and be strong. You can make a real impact of the amount of stuff that is taking up space in your closet and your life. Let’s get at it.

First, find the ones that are damaged or stained. They go in a pile to “donate for recycling”. The charities appreciate it if you put them in a separate, marked bag. They will still find a good home for them, but it saves them time.
Then, the items that still have tags on them, you obviously haven’t worn them; throw them on the bed to donate.

Next, find those clothes that you are saving for when your body expands or contracts a size – don’t tell anyone, but I do that, too. OK, but the same rules apply; If it doesn’t match the ‘keep’ category then donate. If something is two sizes away, donate. Are you feeling lighter already?

Finally, look at those misfits (this is probably ½ of your closet) – the ones that are nice but that you don’t like as much as your favorites. They have never made it out of your house. Maybe it is a pretty blouse that doesn’t match anything or pants that you always pass over because they don’t flatter you. Be ruthless. Onto the bed with them, donate.

Remember, you are giving yourself freedom!

Bag up all those clothes and put them in your car. Make multiple trips if you need to. Take them to your favorite charity or to any local Gunderson Cleaners. Gunderson’s have made it easy for you by being a drop-off site for The Community Closet.

In the end, you will have a big pile of hangers left over. Allow yourself ten of the best ones and get rid of the rest. They are just tempting you to fill them. Don’t.

Not only will you feel free, but you will be helping others who really need clothing, and, it is cold outside.


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