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Hope is in the air

January 6, 2021

2020.  Maybe you are as happy as I am to say goodbye to 2020.  Indeed, all the weirdness threw us into a bit of a tailspin. 2020 challenged us in ways we never would have imagined. We did our best to be strong.

There was an upside to 2020.  As never before, the year sparked a fire of creativity. We learned just how resilient we can be.  We stretched our imagination as we looked for ways to work around obstacles. We all learned to make do. We re-learned the value of our friendships and the power of togetherness.

2021 is here.  What is next?  Hope.

My hope is that we enter this year with a new sense of optimism.
The much-needed vaccines have started being distributed; our efforts in the past month to decrease our co-vid numbers have really made a difference (our health care workers thank you for your diligence); and the elections are over, allowing tempers to calm down.

Yes, hope is in the air.

Here are 21 ideas for the new year:

1. Keep up the safe practices for a while longer.

2. Do something nice for yourself.

3. Brighten the day of a senior. They are still staying in their safe zones, but it has been a long year for them. They need to know that we are here and that we care.

4. Get the vaccine.

5. Stretch. Get your body moving and strengthened. It just is good for you.

6. Respect peoples’ choices: whether it is masking, getting a vaccine, hugging, red vs. blue, whatever – do not force your opinions on others.

7. Drink more water.

8. Look at your budget. Possibly, income and/or expenses have shifted this year. Perhaps, new priorities have emerged.

9. Volunteer.

10. Support a child you know by whatever means are right for you. Read, call, send a note, share a story, share your love.

11. Make a new friend. Do it for them. Do it for you.

12. Forgive.

13. Resolve that from this day forward, nothing new comes into the house without something else going out.

14. Get a garbage bag and throw out 21 things.

15. Get a box and put 21 things into it. Deliver them to your favorite thrift store.

16. Phone a friend.

17. Add more acts of kindness to your life. It just makes you feel good. Smile.

18. Exercise your brain. Learn a new language or do a puzzle.

19. Get rid of all the extra hangers in your house. If they are not in use, they are an invitation to add to the already-overfilled closet. (See number 13)

20. Get a new plant or a goldfish.

21. Make it a point to reach out to a neighbor you don’t know. It is as hard for them to make the first move as it is for you.

Probably the best suggestion is to listen to the advice from Aaron Rogers and R-E-L-A-X.

Give yourself a break. You are doing the best you can.

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