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’Someday’ is here; time to work on your to-do list

May 3, 2020

What, oh what, do you do with this extra time on your hands?

Do you remember all of those things that you set aside, saying, “Someday, I’ll get around to it”? Well “someday” is here.

When my customers are making a transition from their big family...

Advance planning will help your family

April 5, 2020

Dear Jean: My older brother has always been a bit of a hermit and more so since he retired. He isn’t exactly a hoarder, but he has a lot of stuff in his house. I am his only family, so I know it will be left to me to clean it all out someday. I have tried everything to get...

Now is the time to do more!

March 20, 2020

Grandma and Grandpa need our help!

We all want to keep them safe, so their retirement communities are keeping them isolated: no visitors, no communal meals, no activities, even choir is canceled. Ugh! This is truly a recipe for loneliness.

It is time for all of us to step up.


Technology can make us feel stupid

March 1, 2020

First, my message for today: YOU ARE NOT STUPID!

Now, my reason for saying that.

Every single day, I hear someone say, “I’m stupid”. Just this week, it was Mary, who lost her internet connection and didn’t know how to get it back. At work, I heard Denise...

Caregivers appreciate your support

February 2, 2020

The third Friday in February is National Caregivers Day - February 21, 2020.

Who are the caregivers in your life? Looking around your circle, you will see many people who fill this role.

First, there are the committed professionals who care for those who cannot fully take care of...

Signs you are no longer in charge of your house

January 5, 2020

Do you own your house, or does your house own you?

Here are signs that you’re no longer in charge of your house:

For starters, does the very thought of the unending chore list make you exhausted? Do you look around at all the things you have gathered and feel a crushing...

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